Thursday, 7 June 2012

fairy platinum dishwasher tablets

Well i've just used the fairy platinum dishwasher tablets and they are good. i use my dishwasher once a day and i normally use finish tablets which are pretty good but they leave my glasses with a smear on them but fairy are leaving the dishes so squeaky clean and shiny it also has a lemon smell that's very nice. i think i will change my finish tablets for the fairy platinum.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lynsey's Lazy Bags

I've been doing some jute bags and this is the out come of them.
they are quite good if i don't say so myself , I'm going to give a few away to friends and see how they like them, if so i will go on to put them out for sale, not to sure of how much.
Looking at these bags i started to like them a lot more and i'm thinking of having a little giveaway, more to come after i see what to do. what name should i call them. Lynsey's Lazy Bags or Linzi Winzi Bags not sure